Line 3

Interspersing to create new sceneries.
The third line involves interspersing simple volumes, which merge together to give rise
to complex geometries.

Interspersing makes it possible to create new sceneries in the kitchen: stone blocks peeping out from standard elements to become sinks, tops which stand out to become additional work surfaces and extra table settings for guests, tables that embrace the other workstations.
Here we show you three compositions that highlight the possibilities of the L3 line. Two very spacious rooms with clean, linear features contrast with a more structured kitchen-living room with exposed beams.


Composition L3C1

All Details Of The L3C1

Composition L3C2

All details of the L3C2

Composition L3C3

All details of the L3C3

Materials and other elements

Define your combinations and create a kitchen that tells your story.