A family story

It's not every day we get to introduce a company with almost 200 years of history.
Especially if it's a family business we're talking about.

Our family grew up here amidst the castles and apple orchards of the Val di Non. Every day, our work is the same, for which we have always been known: creating kitchens.

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We are Walter, Alberto and Paolo Cova. We inherited the knowledge and experience of the craftsmen in our family, their passion for working by the book and their taste for beautiful, functional furnishings.

Cova is our company
We blend industrial efficiency with care for detail, typical of craft production, the tradition of our work with the simple lines of our kitchens.

  • 1796

    Birth of Giuseppe Cova

    8 January 1796 sees the birth of Giuseppe Cova, the first to take up the trade of carpenter.

  • 1821

    Giuseppe Cova begins working as a carpenter

    The Trento Chamber of Commerce dates the beginning of our business back to 1821.

  • 1837

    Birth of Battista Cova

    Battista, Giuseppe’s son, is born on 13 January 1837. He soon picks up the carpenter’s trade secrets and continues the business.

  • 1877

    Birth of Enrico Cova

    Battista’s son, Enrico, is our grandfather and was the first to take the family name outside the Val di Non.

  • 1923

    The Permanent Exhibition of Industrial Art

    Enrico obtains the prestigious gold medal diploma “for the special cabinet-making works presented and for the valid contribution made to our work for the national industrial industrial improvement” during the Permanent Industrial Art Exhibition in Florence.

  • 1938

    The new workshop in Denno

    The Cova brothers build a new workshop in Denno. It is run by Rodolfo, Tarcisio and Vittorio until 1967.

  • 1961

    Chamber of Commerce award

    We were awarded the gold medal for our loyalty to our work and for our economic progresso.

  • 1967

    A new head office and expansion of production

    A new factory is built in Denno, to match the ever increasing pace of work. It is still part of our plant today.

  • 1974

    Vittorio Cova takes over the company

    In 1974, our father, Vittorio, decides to pursue the path he has followed with his brothers alone, in the footsteps of grandfather Enrico. We increasingly specialise in the production of kitchens.

  • 1984

    Delta Cucine is born

    We decide to open a showroom in Trento with the new Delta Cucine brand, which will be followed by Cles and Riva del Garda.

  • 1985

    We join the company

    At last it is our turn to add a chapter to the story. The company has begun to resemble a small/medium enterprise since we first joined. Today, Walter is chief Executive Officer, Alberto manages production and Paolo takes care of marketing.

  • 2004

    Creation of Ladinarredi in Mazzin di Fassa

    From kitchens in private homes to “turn-key” furnishing project: we create Ladinarredi to take care of our contract projects.

  • 2012

    Historic Enterprise of Italy

    The Trento Chamber of Commerce awards our Company the major title of “Historic Enterprise of Italy”.

  • 2014/2018

    A new generation arrives

    Martina and Federica Cova, daughters of Walter and Polo join the company.

  • Cova_solidita


    Our kitchens are designed and built to last a lifetime. Quality is an essential linchpin of our work.

  • covacucine_chisiamo_racconto_


    We are deeply rooted in the Val di Non: our ancesters did the same work here, and here is where we want our company to continue to grow.

  • covacucine_chisiamo_flessibilita


    Today, 40% of our production is tailor-made: such a high percentage is only possible in companies which have understood the importance of industrial-scale production without abandoning their vocation for craftsmanship.

    Cova Solidità


We build kitchens which reflect the personality of the person choosing them.
We design them with the aim to make them last over time: our design consists of clean, harmonious lines and our materials have always been selected from among the most reliable and long-lasting.


We want your kitchen to become the heart of your home: the place where the family can gather after a day’s work and spend precious time together round the table.