Our Lines

Designing in white. A formal revolution.

With our new lines, we decided to change the vision of the kitchen environment.
Not just a presentation of our models, defined according to materials. We started with the functions, with simple volumes which, when combined, supplemented and swapped around, create versatile and unprecedented compositions.
We designed in white to reiterate the shape and emphasise all the details that distinguish Cova.

In our collections we give you the vision of the kitchen by Cova, suggesting combinations and colors to inspire you in the creation of a kitchen that will tell a story. Your.

Our know-how is the result of 200 years of work by our family business.
The kitchen is the home environment in which we specialize, of course, but with us you can also combine the dining and living spaces with your kitchen.
So that your home is truly a project created just for you, without compromises.