Line 1

Voids that fill your kitchen with style.
The first line stems from the intersection and removal of simple volumes.

The kitchen blocks leave room for voids that create recesses with additional worktops, open compartments or simply space for stools alongside the island blocks.

We offer two different layouts for the line L1, that show its versatility. On one side a refined setting, distinguished by a pale and elegant kitchen, on the other an industrial ambiance, where the kitchen becomes one with the living room.

Composition L1C1

Warm colours, personality and elegance: these are the main features of this layout.

We decided on the opaque, soft touch of FENIX for the doors and wood to give warmth to the table and wall cupboard. We completed it with the light, elegant finish of on-trend, amber glass, display cabinets with a modern frame.

All the details of the L1C1

Composition L1C2

All the details of the L1C2

Materials and other elements

Define your own combinations and create a kitchen that makes history, yours.